July 22, 2013

You Want to Tell Me What You Really Think?

The anonymous guest post I published while on my little vacay earlier this month seems to have been well-received.

I even got a tweet from a fellow blogger that she thinks anonymous posts are a great idea.

So here's what I want to do. I would like to offer you, yes YOU, any one of YOU, whether you are a blogger or writer or never write anything ever, a place to unload something that's bugging you.

Could be that you are a blogger but everyone you know reads it and therefore you feel limited in what you can and can't say because Aunt Martha might see that you don't like her apple pie all that much and it will really hurt her feelings.

Or perhaps whatever's on your mind is completely off-topic from what you normally blog about.

Might be that you don't blog, but maybe you have an issue eating at you that if maybe you could just get it out, you'd feel better.

Maybe there is a current events topic that you see everyone feeling one way about, but you happen to have a different perspective that others haven't thought of, like my first guest.

You should put that shit out there!

You want guidelines and rules, right?
  • Send your post to me at jenannhallblog (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • I'm not going to publish anything hate-filled. Don't even try to send me that crap.
  • You can tell me to keep you anonymous, OR you can have me use your name and link to you, your choice.
  • Must be original content. I'm not interested in publishing something you've already put out to the Interwebs. Kinda not the point.
  • Please proofread and spell check before you send to me. On the other hand, I reserve the right to make minor edits.
  • I will reply to your email with the date I plan to publish. If you're posting anonymously, I understand you not replying to comments, but if we know who you are, you probably should.
  • You can attach a photo you'd like me to use, as long as I can't get in trouble for using it, or I will look for an image.
Sound good?

Not sure yet about how often I will publish these kinds of posts. It depends on how many I get, I suppose.

So yeah, bring it on! And tell your friends.

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