June 13, 2013

Summer Sanity Saver

This is a super simple, just wanna throw this out there little post.

Today was the very last day of school. Commence summer vacation!

Alright, before we get underway, I need to do a little something to help save my sanity over the next 12 weeks.

I once wrote about how much I get sick of feeding my kids during the summer.

Three times a day, plus possible snacks, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Yes, I know I did this for five years before they started school, but now I'm used to not worrying about feeding them lunch everyday of the world (we do school lunches), so by the time we hit the dog days of summer I am DONE with it.

DONE with the constant "I'm hungry"s and "what do we have?"s.

Therefor, this year I have decided to write up a "Summer Lunch Menu" for the kids to refer to each day.

For example:

Made in PicMonkey
(just found a free white background & sized according to their 8.5x11 print guidelines)

Here's a handy template you can right click and save if you'd like:

So now when my kids tell me they want lunch and ask what we have I can simply say "Check the list", instead of rattling off the choices EVERY DAY because information retention has vanished. Poof!

Yeah, I know it probably won't completely eliminate the food whines, but here's hoping it will considerably cut them down!

Do you have any summer sanity saving tips?

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