March 11, 2013

When Procrastination is a Good Thing

I am. I admit it.

BUT. It's not totally a bad thing. I may regularly channel Scarlett O'Hara, but I do eventually get everything I need to done.

Actually, I prefer to think of it as PRIORITIZING. Some things are more important than others. Often, a thing's importance changes a few times. Maybe even in the same day. Stuff happens!

Now, I don't want to brag, but when I was in school I could put off, say, writing a paper, until the last minute, crank it out, and get an A. I work well under pressure.

So there.

In order to prove my point I give you a list of reasons procrastination isn't always a bad thing....

1. Failing to plan anything for dinner. Yes, your family will be hungry, but hey, maybe you'll get to go out! Either that or you'll be stuck with cereal for dinner. Oh no, not that!

2. Sales, because the prices often go down even more when time is running out.

3. Getting out of bed. Really, you only feel better the longer you stay.

4. Apparently always publishing blog posts at the same time isn't a great thing. We bloggers should put posting off by a few hours once in awhile.

5. Getting up for more coffee. I mean, because "they" seem to think drinking too much coffee isn't good for you. But, whatever.

6. Not opening that "grading notification" email from your daughter's school. Ignorance is bliss.

7. When you don't respond right away to something that has the potential for conflict. Knee-jerk reactions are rarely good. Best to think on it a bit.

8. Letting the DVR record your shows and watching later. Hello, no commercials!

9. Cleaning your house the day before guests arrive. Because children. And husbands. It's really pointless to do it any sooner.

10. Waiting to see new movies until others have and can tell you if they're worth it or not. Let all those instant gratification types waste their money first!

So you see, procrastination has an upside. People should really stop poo-pooing it.

Because I'll totally get it done. Just might not be today.

Monday Listicles.

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