February 2, 2013

Weekend Why

The Superbowl is tomorrow!

Do you watch?

If so, WHY?

For the game, commercials, halftime, the junk food.....

All of it?

If you don't watch, WHY NOT?

Football is the only sport my husband watches consistently. We moved in together during football season so I had a quick decision to make:

Get into it too, or be a "football widow".

Since it was early in our relationship and I still loved spending every possible second with him, I opted to get to know the game.

I still like football and still follow the seasons, but I must admit I don't pay as much attention as I used to.

But the Superbowl? That's always fun!

Well, except when the Patriots are there. I just don't trust them ever since their coach was caught cheating. I don't like the Steelers either. Buncha crybabies. Also? They STOLE the Superbowl win from the Seahawks seven years ago!

But I digress.

So, WHY or WHY NOT do you, or do you not, watch the Superbowl?
(And who are you rooting for this year? Ravens here.)


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