January 24, 2013

What Men Really Want

I have it on good authority (not naming my sources) that what a man would really love to have access to is.....

A Big Book of Vaginas.

I kid you not, like an actual large, leather-bound catalog of sorts.

They just want to see All The Vaginas.

(And All The Boobies.)

It's true!

Doesn't matter that they all look basically the same.

Sure, you can trim them up in various fashions....

You can even decorate them with piercings or vajazzling.

(No pictures, please.)

Ouch! No thank you.

But really, if you've seen one vagina.....

I would like to point out that I think it's fairly safe to say that there aren't any women pining for a Big Book of Penises.

Just sayin'.

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