January 7, 2013

Some things change, some things stay the same.

Shortly after midnight, just as 2013 dawned, I posted on my blog's Facebook page a few of my resolutions:
Alright, my resolutions include keeping up regular exercise, getting new glasses (for my eyes), checking the mail more than once a week and dusting every once in awhile.
But what about the stuff I'm happy and content with and have no desire to change?

10 Things I Have No Intention of Changing in 2013

1. Drinking wine.

2. Staying up until at least 11:00.

3. Keeping my hair short.

4. Not having a laundry DAY.

5. Wearing comfortable clothing.

6. Blogging





Aw heck! I have too many things I'd like to tweak. I can't think of 10 things that I don't want to change in some way.

Here's the thing: I believe we're supposed to constantly be growing and changing, whether we make New Year's resolutions or not. Also, I have learned that shit happens and we really have no idea how we'll feel until it does....

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  1. Well that is that. And I agree, growing and evolving is the key. As long as it doesn't mean giving up wine and coffee... How mail?