December 23, 2012

Ornament Exchange!

I got an awesome new Christmas tree ornament from THE Diaper Dad, Mr. Scotty Schrier!

Don't be jealous.

Why did Scotty send me an ornament?

You mean besides the fact that he thinks I'm great?

He did it because The Sarcasm Goddess told him to.

(How come I'm not a "The" something??)

It's not like she was just telling people to send me ornaments. No! This was all an elaborate set up by SG to have bloggers EXCHANGE ornaments.

So I sent one to Laura at Catharsis*, and Mr. @DiaperDads sent me one.

Fun fun!

I totally LOLed when I opened my package from Scotty....

Florida is no place for a snowman. Poor little thing.

Thank you so much, Scotty! I love it!

*The very ornament I sent to Laura is over there, up at the top of my sidebar. You too can own one if you really want....

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