November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

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It is November 1st and American Thanksgiving is this month!

On the 22nd, in case you didn't know.

Two years ago, beginning Thanksgiving night, I published a DAILY gratitude post through the Holidays. It was fantastic! I highly recommend taking a few minutes each day even to just think about what you're grateful for. There is always something.

Around here this month I will express my gratitude every Thursday, including Thanksgiving, and I encourage you to join me!

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Now then....

I was so grateful that Mark got to spend a whirlwind weekend in California for his grandmother's 90th birthday a couple weeks ago. Ever since March it has become so much more important to him to get to spend time with the people he cares about. He hadn't seen his grandmother in probably 5 years. Mark also got to see two of our best friends. The four of us all met in 1994. They're married and we're married. They're like family.

(I'm trying not to be mad at Mark for NOT TAKING ANY FREAKING PICTURES WHILE HE WAS THERE!)

I am so thankful that the change in the weather is (so far) only slightly hindering my walking. I've had to admit that walking in the rain pretty much sucks, but I have been able to find enough breaks in the rain to still get out there. I want to somehow get our treadmill upstairs to the loft, so if there is no break in sight, I can use it.

I am grateful to a supportive and encouraging friend who talked me into going to a business-y networking event she co-hosted (I was a virgin!) where the key note speaker talked all about influence. How perfect is that topic for a blogger? See me being open to the possibilities? More on that later!

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