October 29, 2012

The First Time I....

The FIRST of anything is momentous, no?

Your first kiss. Your first love. The first time you....ahem. The first time you feel your baby kick. Your baby's first little poop.

Somehow, I'm only listing ten.


1. First time I hiked up a mountain - I was REALLY little

2. Learning to ride a bike - With my dad, on a hill.

3. The day I realized the stop sign was blurry - got my first pair of glasses at age 7.

4. Went to my first concert when I was 12 - Bon Jovi of course!

5. Making out with a boy for the first time - Jeff, during lunch, just outside our high school grounds. It was so cool.

6. My first eye surgery - was also the first time I had ever been in the hospital (since birth)

7. The first time I got drunk - I was 16. Ssshh, don't tell my kids!

8. The day I knew I liked a guy named Mark.

9. The first time I threw up from morning sickness - throwing up is terribly traumatic for me so I tried so hard not to and bawled my eyes out because I did.

10. The day I found out my second child was a boy after five girls had been born on Mark's side (I don't have any siblings), and I got to call my father-in-law to tell him there was "a stem on the apple" and then go pick out some blue baby things.

OMG that was hard! I typed out so many other things that I ended up deleting. There are just too many firsts. I'm really good at remembering dates, so there's a lot in my head.

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