August 10, 2012

I'm so sick of feeding my kids.

There. I said it.

Right now, my #1 kid irritation is having to feed them.


Every day.

Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack.

To be completely fair, it's not so much my daughter as it is my son.

AJ is 6 1/2 and seems to be having a growth spurt because he is SO FREAKING HUNGRY!

And apparently whining must accompany being hungry.

Like a kid needs one more reason to whine!

Breakfast is usually pretty easy. He wants either an English muffin or toast with peanut butter, or cereal.

Lunch, on the other hand? I give him choices and he says NO to EVERY SINGLE ONE the first time I say them. Then he asks what his choices are AGAIN.

And sometimes....SOMETIMES....he makes a choice, I start getting it together and he CHANGES HIS MIND.

He's TRYING to drive me INSANE!

Same with snacks. I've finally filled a basket with all sorts of snack foods and set it smack dab in the middle of the table.


But there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Come September, he will start full day school which means EATING LUNCH THERE.


If he lives until then....


  1. Ah boys! I hear they are bottomless pits! dear lord I am going to have 2 of them! Ugh
    Anyways I am giving you an award for being awesome!

  2. Two teen boys can go through two gallons of milk is less than two days. I can't keep enough food - or milk - in the house!

  3. I feel your pain. Although I dread packing lunches and will have to do 2 every day this year.

  4. Ah, sigh. Yes lunch is hard.
    I can't keep up with my google reader and twit feed AND tell DH where the cheese slices are in the fridge so he can make grilled cheese for the kids. :)

    you know imma stealing that snack food basket idea. #summerslacker

  5. I have a countdown thing like its New Years in Times Square. The start of school could not come quicker!

  6. My daughter does the same thing, only she waits until the mac and cheese is almost done to tell me she just wants a peanut butter sandwich...I love the squirrel picture!

  7. Argh!

    What is it with the eating?

    My daughter does the exact same things. I have come to the point where I let her fend for herself as far as lunch goes because I just can not even. . .

    I stand in the kitchen and go "How about this?"


    "OK, how about this?"


    "OKKKKK. How about this?"

    Ew. NO.

    "Fine. YOU can find something on your own then because I'm done."

    School can not start soon enough.

  8. Dinner at my house is a nightmare. Last night I made tortellini and green beans. While one is eating soooo slowly (over an hour...every night), I looked at the other two kids: One ate all the green beans and left the tortellini, the other ate all the tortellini and left the beans. So really I should have just stuck one plate out and I'd have saved food.

  9. I hear you! Same deal around here. The snack basket is a great idea. But how do you keep them from eating the entire basket in one sitting? That's what my 2 year old would do :)

  10. {Melinda} Summer is the worst! I go to the grocery store and 12 hours later everyone is complaining that there's nothing to eat! Wait until he's a teenager. But I must say, my teenage girl out-consumes my boy any day of the week. And yet she looks like a model. Not fair! :)

  11. Omg so true at my house x5! oh the whining :(

  12. This must be a 6 year old thing! Jack always wants me to go through all of the damned things we have in the fridge and pantry - listing everything...then listing again when nothing appeals to him the first time. GAH. Meals are a CHORE. Even so, it beats the alternative of throwing food away when I give him a plate full of things he refuses to eat... (I thought this all was just due to the chemo!)

  13. Heh. My girlfriend has a snack basket like that in her kitchen, for whenever her kids get all snackity. When we go there, my snack deprived Cherubs have at that basket like they haven't been fed in weeks. It's not in the least bit embarrassing.

  14. I hear you. One of the biggest surprises for me about motherhood is that I have become a chef/ kitchen-cleaner-upper. Most days it feels like all I do is cook and clean the kitchen (and comment on blogs, OBVIOUSLY!). Love the animal at the end of your post. What is it? Possum? Anyway, I'm stopping by from Finding the Funny. Have a great week! :)

  15. So funny. I, too, hate feeding time. I love the end of your post. Hysterical!

    I came to you from #FindingTheFunny