June 2, 2012

Ooh, Shiny!

I was born in April so diamond is my birthstone.

I know. Lucky, right?

I like that my stone is diamond, not only because, hello, DIAMONDS! But also because they're neutral, will match anything (and everything).

Unfortunately, I have not been privileged enough to own very many.

Sad Jennifer.

I currently have my engagement ring, a pair of earrings and a pendant my mother gave me for a birthday present one year.

All of which are very light in the diamond department.

But I'm not complaining!

Anyway, I got to looking around on the Kranich's Jewelers site and found some pieces I would love to have.

A Mother's Ring
Yes, I only have 2 children and there are 3 stones here. But as you can see, my January (garnet) and July (ruby) babies both have red birthstones. So I added a diamond in the middle for me!

An opal and diamond bracelet.
I just like opals. I already have an opal pendant and earrings.

A box chain for my opal or pearl pendants.
Had one, but need a new one because my babies enjoyed tugging on my first one so much that it broke and was repaired a couple of times. It's just broken now.

Mark would probably think I need these Dallas Cowboys earrings.

Now, if we were to get married all over again and I got to pick out new rings, I might seriously consider Verragio Engagement rings. I have simple taste in jewelry, so I checked out their Classico collection and I think this Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and band could fit the bill....

These are WAY fancier than what I wear now. Again, not complaining!

Looking at jewelry is nice. A girl can dream....

This post was written for Kranich's blogger campaign and I am being compensated, but everything I've said is real and true. I really do want jewelry similar to the above items. Of course I do!


  1. ooohhhhh....was making supper and got distracted by the shiny things! LOL

    Mine is emerald - which I love - but hate because it is the most expensive. thus, don't own any.
    Also, having 3 children, it'd be an expensive "mom's ring" as their birthstones are: sapphire, diamond and opal.
    hubby ruins it with his cheap amethyst. LOL
    (there is actually a mine here in Ontario where you can pick your own amethyst!)

    but yes, a girl can always dream.

    1. Oh, your Mother's Ring would be beautiful with those 3 stones! I would put the sapphire in the middle.

  2. I love looking at jewelry... I don't really wear a lot of it.. I wear one ring that was my bf's great-grandmothers ring and a ring with my birthstone (turquoise) that was my mothers... and a necklace.

    but it's nice to look.

    1. Yeah, I'm a very simple jewelry girl. All I wear currently is my wedding rings and earrings.

  3. I'm an April girl too - I've always loved having diamonds as my birthstone!

  4. I'm the same when it comes to jewelry. I like simple and clean lines. Small pieces. I'm not into big, attention grabbing statement jewelry. My wedding band is even plain without stones.