June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

My dad and my husband.....

My dad is Randy and he is a very cool guy. I know many of you have noticed his awesome comments here on my blog, and even entertained the idea of starting a "Randy fan club".

But really, you shouldn't exalt him like that. He doesn't need the ego boost.

I am my dad's one and only. Our relationship has had its ups and downs just like most relationships. Neither of us is perfect (truly, dad!). But I have always known he loves me, that I'm a huge part of his heart. I often describe him as a mix of Michael Landon, Phil Donahue and Steve Martin. We share a love of good and greasy fish 'n chips (with lots of tarter sauce!), TV and going to the movies.

Lately I have been a little bit in awe of his generous heart where Mark and I are concerned. My dad has been 100% there for us during some of our most trying times. It makes me feel safe and cared for.

Dad, I hope you know how much we appreciate and love you.

Mark is a great dad. He has a great "dad voice" that gets the kids' attentions. He is a very hands-on dad and always has been. Sure, he avoided changing diapers as much as he could, but he totally did it. He made a point of asking me to pump breast milk so he could also feed our daughter, and  get that special bonding with her. He did realize though, that there are plenty of other ways for dads to bond with their children. And it's a good thing, because our son wanted nothing to do with bottles!

What I appreciate most about Mark as a dad is his ability to relate to the kids, to draw on his own childhood in order to better understand them. This has been especially helpful with our daughter and her ADD. Mark should have been diagnosed with ADD as a kid. Watching Camryn, he now sees how similar their experiences are. It took me much longer to accept that Cami wasn't going to be like me. She is soooo her father's daughter, and has been from day one!

Mark plays Xbox with the kids and cooks with Camryn. We're almost always on the same parental page, and when we're not, we only fight about it a little bit. Maybe.

Mark, I love the kind of dad you are. I know you love the kids just as much as I do, and for that they are so lucky.

I must not forget about my step-dad, Doug....

Doug and I met when I went to live with my mom at age 12. Their relationship was actually pretty new and here I was, thrown into the mix. Doug was never one who wanted kids of his own. But he took on a woman and her daughter and loved us.

Doug is one of the kindest, most easy-going people you could ever know. He's a retired firefighter, which I think says loads about the kind of person he is. I will never forget how he would come home from a 24 hour shift and regale me with stories of "scraping some stupid kid off the road", trying to impress upon me the dangers of teen driving.

He managed to make it through my teen years without killing me, and stood by my side when I was having my eye surgeries. Today he is my kids' GranDoug and he is terrific at it. He was their main caregiver while Mark was in the hospital in March. I appreciated it sooooo much!

Doug, you are an awesome step-dad and an even better GranDoug. We love you!

Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads and Grandpas out there!


  1. You make me choke up every time I read your blog.

    Thank you for including Doug, here.
    *he is the greatest, isn't he?*

    Love, MOM

  2. I can't love that first picture anymore than I do! Nothing says love like a big cock in the picture..

  3. Ok...ROFL....first dying over Coffee Lovin's moms' comment. must collect self....ha hah

    love the tribute you have done here, and how you have included all the men who are special in your life, whether they be fathers, husbands or step dads. so wonderful to have such a support group of great men in your life.