May 11, 2012

TGIF: Mother's Day Edition

If you took time lapse photography in my living room you would see me sitting at the computer, frequently getting up to do things and sitting back down, with my husband and kids buzzing around me.

One particular weekend I posted the following status updates on Facebook:
Word problem for you: There are 4 members of the Hall Family, mom, dad, girl and boy. Dad and girl leave. Boy's friend arrives. How many people are left?
(Answer is 3: me, boy and friend)
Time alone at home? What an unexpected treat!
Today's word problem: There are mom, dad, girl and boy in the Hall Family. Boy's friend spent the night. Girl went to a sleepover and spent all day away. Dad, boy and boy's friend went out. Dad and boy return. Later, girl comes home. Then dad and boy leave again. Who's home now?
(Answer is mom and girl)
Did you notice that I am the ONE person who never left?

I could cry laugh at this, thinking, jeez Jen, it seems you have no life.

But while I may not have gone anywhere at all that weekend, I do get out. So it's really not about that.

I'm the constant. I am the one all three of them can count on.

I'm their go-to gal. The one who usually has the answer to, "Where are my shoes?"  or "Whose bath night is it?", and "Do we have any more toilet paper?"

(The one question I often do not have an answer for is, "What's for dinner?" In my defense, Mark is a better cook, so I defer to him on that one.)

I am always the one to get up with the kids in the morning, and almost always also home to tuck them in at bedtime. I get them off to school, and again, almost always greet them when they arrive home. If I'm not, I make sure they know who will.

My husband and children can count on me 100%.

I'm the Mom.

pinkfloral mom

I truly hope we all get to feel special and loved. May your children, and mine, behave like the perfect angels we think they are. May someone rub our feet. May there be breakfast in bed and bubble baths, or whatever would make us smile.

(Love to my Mom and Grandmothers!)

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  1. "I am the constant." That is a powerful and meaningful statement.

    1. I have to admit, I first heard it on a TV show (Lost) and have loved it ever since.

  2. I get this, completely. I would much rather be the one greeting them when they get home than driving them all over creation. But usually, I do both. Such is life! Happy Mother's Day, Jen!

    1. And I wish I could drive them all over. Happy Mother's Day, Greta!

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out, Jen. Happy mothers day, friend!

  4. I love this so much, you totally nailed it. We may not have the most exciting, adventurous lives but being the foundation, the one who is always there for our families is most important of all and means so much. I seriously hope you are getting spoiled rotten today - you deserve it! Happy Mother's Day and awesome post :)