January 6, 2012

TGIF: Happy Hobbies Edition

Welcome to the first

of 2012!

Today I'm going to be a little goofy and gush about my hobbies.

Have you guys heard of GetGlue?

It's like Facebook "likes" on steroids.

But more interactive.
"GetGlue is a social network for entertainment. Users check-in and share what they are watching, listening to and reading with friends; get fresh recommendations, exclusive stickers, discounts and other rewards from their favorite shows and movies."
When you unlock at least 20 stickers, you become eligible to receive REAL copies of stickers for FREE.

That's my little sticker widget.  Here's my first set of real stickers:

So why am I telling you all this?

I'm glad you asked!

I am all happy with myself because these nifty little GetGlue stickers have finally given me an idea of what to do with this equally nifty little scrapbook my J.Ho gave me a long ass time ago.  It will be "Jennifer's Happy Hobbies Book"!

Is this interesting to only me?  Sorry.

But look!

And look at the matching Coke stickers too!

Have I ever mentioned here that I am a huge Coca-Cola fan?  Have I told you guys about my Coke kitchen?  And that I would pee myself with excitement if I could someday make my kitchen and dining look like a 50s diner?

Well now I have.

So....allow me to spell this out for you.  I have a Coco-Cola scrapbook.  Coke is one of the things I like.  It's a scrapbook...what sorts of things should I scrap to PUT IN THIS SCRAPBOOK?

Stuff I love and that makes me happy!

Such as.....the GetGlue stickers I collect which depict all my favorite TV shows, movies, music, etc.  And then!  Also pictures of my knitting and perhaps even bloggy momentos.  I mean, I can COMBINE all the things I enjoy into this little keepsake!

I am a genius.

So that's my bit of happy for this fine Friday.  What's yours?

* * * * *

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*This was in no way a sponsored post for GetGlue.  I just like it and it was part of my fun little idea.  Although, if GetGlue wanted to compensate me in some way for blogging about them, I totally would!


  1. Have I ever told you I'm addicted to Coke Zero??? Seriously... I drink like 6 a day (which is kinda gross).

  2. Have I ever told you I'm addicted to Coke Zero??? Seriously... I drink like 6 a day (which is kinda gross).