January 13, 2012

TGIF: Anything But Edition

Welcome to a GUEST POST edition of...

You know her.  You love her origami flowers.  She's @MyBelovedAdoria on the Twitter.  But did you know she also has a personal blog called Anything But, and Then Some?

"She" is Jessica and the person who suggested I start a blog.  Jess is one of my very best friends IRL, which means she must be pretty awesome (I recently bluntly told her I had a hard time seeing all of her blog, so she made it totally "Jen friendly").  She is UBER creative; don't think she can go a day without being crafty or expressive in some way.

Without further adieu, heeeeeerrrrrrrres Jessica!

* * * * *

When Jen asked me to be a guest blogger this week for TGIFriday I immediately said, “Sure!” I was certain I would have something really amazing to talk to you about. I mean, my life is seriously amazing, wait no that’s not me…

Never mind, I’m quite boring, so I actually have nothing to talk about.

Honestly, I thought this whole thing would feel a little different. I thought it would feel dirty, or exciting to be a guest blogger. I thought I would sit down, slip my fingers onto the keys and open up this world of amazing revelations or something. I thought maybe some strange light would begin to glow from my computer and the song of bloggers would stream out in glorious harmony. I don’t seem to be getting any of that now… Perhaps I’ve done something wrong… Here, let me just… Hmmm… There? No, still nothing.

Perhaps I should drive over there to her house and blog at her computer. Perhaps that would give me a bit of a thrill, sort of like sneaking out at night as a teenager, or taking a nap in the break room at work. I could put my hands all over her computer, invade her bloggy home… Then I really would be guest posting in her blog!

All these things I would write would suddenly sound so much more tantalizing coming from foreign keys. All those mouse clicks coming from some strange mouse. It would all seem so innocent at first, but then as the words came through faster it would just get better. Everyone would be riveted, clinging to the edges of their seats. I would spin this fabulous story about fate and time and a long lost world.

Of course, I’d be cheating.

I’d come home and my computer would smell some other keyboard on me…

Tomorrow I’ll wake up and all of my pictures will have the faces photo shopped out, replaced by pics of my computer. My note pads would start popping up with accusing new questions already typed on them, like “Where have you been?” and “Why won’t you just love me.”

Then Jen’s computer would start getting hate mail. Weird viruses suddenly running rampant through her system… Her documents erased, left with only one small }8[ left.

I would start breaking into the other local computers then. Stealing money from banks and switching hotel room information. The chaos would be horrendous until the cops came pounding at my door, ready to take me away as I screamed and cursed at the desktop, “Why you do me like you do me?!”

No, I think my computer will work just fine. But I still have nothing to talk about.

Maybe next time I will have something more interesting to say…

* * * * *

OMG I am seriously LOLing over here!  Why had I never thought about how guest posting could be considered cheating?  I always just kind of thought of it as sharing.

Umm.... Right.

Moving on.

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  1. Sneaking out to blog on someone else's computer....LOL!

  2. Very funny...do you suppose if I got hold of @thebloggess computer, I could suddenly be infinitely witty and wise, just like that? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

    1. Oh yeah, wouldn't it be awesome if just by getting on someone else's computer made us as cool as them?

  3. Hah, I love the idea of going to your host's house to write your guest post on! So funny. :)

  4. It seems you've taken the idea of guest blogger to a whole 'nother level!

  5. That was so funny...and creative! Loved it.