January 12, 2012

My BlogSPOT: The Linky!

This past Saturday I said, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."  And I think several of you were interested in playing along - yay!

Today is the day to share the "wheres" and "hows" of our personal blogginess.

How do you get your blog on?

I have a documented case of "Mail-itis", or "I'll-get-to-that-later-itis" or "All-these-people-who-sent-me-crap-in-the-mail-can-suck-it-itis".  This means I often have PILES of crap mail all over my desk, with nary a spot for my coffee cup.

Yet other times, I have succumbed to the piles, gone through them and actually dealt with all the crap mail and my desk looks neat and clean and it could accommodate several cups of coffee.

So I will share both states of my bloggy space with you.  'Cause I'm generous like that.

My computer is in our living room, at the back, I guess you would say.  The space where we have these cool built-in shelves is exactly the right size to fit a small desk.

See?  The desk is behind the couch.
So this is where I'm sitting when I'm blogging, reading and commenting on blogs and doing the majority of my tweeting.  Except for.....

....I got that there Kindle Fire with the Best Buy gift card I won from The SITS Girls, so I do some tweeting and RSS feed reading on that as well.

Did you notice how my monitor isn't sitting back on the desk?  That's because I need it as close to my face as I can get it.  And I don't have a keyboard tray because it's a really cheap desk, so I'm practicing very poor ergonomics.

As far as any "tricks of the trade go".....I will do my actual blog writing whenever I can, as the mood strikes me or whatever.  I seem to perpetually have 5 draft posts that I will go back to at some point.  I rarely publish a post as soon as it's ready.  I prefer to publish first thing in the morning because, honestly, you all are more likely to be paying attention at some point during the day.  Before any of you started coming around here, my publishing was all willy-nilly like.  Oh, and I'm a wee bit anal about the date of each post.  For example, I never post Monday Listicles Sunday night.  And, I've found that while the idea of listening to music while blogging seems like a good one, I tend to be very distracted by wanting to sing the lyrics.  But if just the TV is on or my family is trying to talk to me, I can tune that out.

OK!  Now it's YOUR turn!  Grab the button with my Julius' mug above, stick it in your post and link up! Linky will be open for 1 week, and I will read, comment and tweet ya!  (You could be really super nice and do the same for others. Just sayin'.)


  1. I love seeing where others blog.
    I think I need to look at the Kindle Fire, is it like an iPad, only less?

    1. It's smaller than an iPad (which many ppl like), uses Android apps and yes, costs a lot less. I'm loving mine.