August 1, 2011

That Was Funny!

10 things that made me laugh last week:

1. Trying to play frisbee with my kids and that I can't catch the darn thing!

2. After doing something he needed to apologize for my son said to his sister, "I'm sorry and I mean it!"

3. My father told me a 22 year old hit on him.

4. I changed my blog description to "or Just Plain Awesome".

5. My daughter was out in a little tent in the backyard and got out because she needed fresh air. I had to point out, "You're already outside."

6. My husband found a little frog hanging out with our hose. It was fun to watch the kids playing with him.

7. Cami has ADD and for some reason the kids were discussing this over breakfast (mine + Cami's friend). AJ chimed in with "it means coffee is good for you!"  I told him that's not what it means, but we all cracked up.

8. In my dad's SUV on the way to drop Cami and her friend at camp, listening to 2 giggly girls in the back seat.

9. Grabbed dinner at a local dive with my dad and AJ who was apparently pretty hungry. I mentioned that he was eating a lot and I thought AJ said back that he ate a "freaking" lot. He actually said "50 fries".

10. This

The Good Life


  1. i love your fat cat- a freaking lot! hahaha.

  2. Oh Jen these are so sweet. I love your take on life. Always happy. Your blog is just plain awesome! I can imagine the girls giggling in the back. That would warm my heart.

  3. Do you limit the cat's computer time? Because some cats will stay on there all day if you let them.

  4. For all the old guys out there--What's so funny about your dad's encounter? That kind of stuff happens ALL THE TIME. Just the other day a waitress called me Sweetie, but I did the right thing and told her I was married. ;)

  5. Is that kitty surfing for LOL cats?! :-)

  6. I love the tent and being outside comment :) Our little ones sure know what it means to 'rough it.' Your blog is beautiful! So glad to have found it from The Good Life!

  7. These are VERY funny - the coffee comment, the "you're already outside" and my fave, the cat in #10. (-:
    Thanks for the laugh

  8. Is your cat blogging too? SO funny. I can never catch the frisbee either! Great LOL list!

  9. Sir Julius is totally stalking the mouse! (PS - frogs still freak me out!)

  10. So funny! I love the cat. I wish my kids would say sorry and I mean it. Because usually they do NOT mean it.

  11. hehe no offense to your dad, but number 3 had me LOLing too! ;D

  12. Great list!! Love that little frog :)