July 30, 2011

The Anti-Post

This is NOT a blog post.

I swear.  I'm not posting today.

I have been posting really consistently for at least the past month.  Almost every day.

I keep telling myself I should slow down or I'm going to get burned out.

But then I discover lots of things to blog about.

Blog hops, link-ups, writing prompts, kindness, philanthropy, just photos....and stuff in my life.

It's been really fun and eye-opening.  (Don't laugh at me!)

I'm learning lots.

Like, apparently I'm not a real quick learner.

I remember when the Internet was "invented" I thought, "Oh that's lame.  It'll never catch on and I don't need to get online."

And then I did and I was all, "Whoa!"

I never did MySpace, but I do Facebook, and while its appeal is waning a bit, Twitter is still going strong.

And while I've had a Twitter account for a long time, I never used it until recently.

See?  Slow.

Or maybe just stubborn.

I have lots of questions too.

Like, do I really need to have a fancy personalized template with my own button?

Why do some of my comments on other blogs include my picture and some don't?

I just know there are great blogs out there that I'm not reading.  What if I'm missing out on something wonderful?

I'm trying to be all Zen about it.  "I'll find the blogs I'm meant to find because they'll enrich my life or my blogging experience in some way," I tell myself.

And now, this really cool and fun and enriching thing called blogging that I'm all hooked on now is one more thing to balance.

Becasue I might really go blind staring at my computer monitor too much! (Don't laugh at me!)

AND, while I'm thoroughly enjoying having fun here, I don't want to lose my focus.  That this is MY PERSONAL SPACE, where I have a VOICE and can journal and get things out.

Because I need that.

Life With Baby Donut

Oops, looks like I tricked you into NOT reading a post!


  1. :) Way to go! Great post! :)
    Your newest follower!

  2. Oh, you got me! :) Looks like the internet's got you though!

  3. I remember thinking the internet was some big, passing fad. Whoops.

    And, gravatar.com is the site where you upload a picture so it can show up on all the blogs. Takes two seconds. :)

  4. I'm always late to the party too! Got on FB after everyone else did, barely started blogging this year and only joined Twitter a couple months ago! It's all very addicting.

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