August 13, 2011

Summer Fun Challenged

I've said it before (just the other day, in fact) and I'll say it again - this summer in the Pacific NW has been lame.  As I prepare this post, it is overcast and only 66 degrees.  It's August.  Just try to tell me that's not a disappointment.

So when Shell at Things I Can't Say said her big photo link-up for August would be Summer Fun themed, I thought I might not be able to participate because I only have a few pictures from this summer so far.  Now, if this linky were being held AFTER our trip to Tahoe, this would be a different story.  To add insult to injury, I apparently deleted the only picture I had of the AJ playing on the slip 'n slide!


Wait! ......Maybe I shared the slip 'n slide pic on Facebook....I did!  Yay for Facebook!

Bowman Bay, near Deception Pass, WA
AJ sitting on my Dad's motorcycle
AJ riding HIS bike - no training wheels!
Cami sitting on her bed in the big covered wagon at camp

So that's about it from me!  Go link up your Summer Fun photos for a chance to win prizes from Ubisoft!


  1. It looks like your family has had so much fun! Oh and I love a good slip n slide! Great blog, I'm a new follower :).

  2. Sorry your summer has been dissapointing, but those pics are totally adorable!! I think the slip n slide & camp ones are my favorite. Very cute!

  3. Camping in a covered wagon sounds like loads of fun!!

  4. Wow, it is really chilly for summer! We've had crazy high temps here- really, too high.

    Love the pic on the bay!

  5. Looks like lots of fun! I've always wondered what the summer weather was in your area. I have heard not so positive things....but glad you could make the best of it!

    New follower from Planet Weidknecht's hop.

  6. I kind of envy your has been hot here, so much so, sometimes we don't go out in the afternoon.

    Wish summer temps were 75 as a high and low :)