November 21, 2010

City of Angels

I watched the movie City of Angles last night.  It has Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan and is about an angel who decides to "fall" and become human because he is in love.  I've seen this movie before and it made me cry my eyes out because the love story ends tragically.  In fact, the first time I saw it I thought, what the hell was that?  Why would you make such an awful movie?  But that reaction was to the love story aspect, not the point the movie was trying to make as a whole.  As it turns out, I now love this movie.

One reason I love it is because it portrays angels pretty much how I imagine them to be.  They are all around us, watching and waiting for when they're assistance is needed.  And when it is, they are simply there, close to you, perhaps put a hand on you or whisper in your ear.  And then they are there for the dying, to escort them to the light.

The other reason I now see this movie in a different light is because of its "lesson".  That is, that the human existence is wonderful and beautiful and to be cherished.  That everything we see, taste, feel, hear and smell is amazing and should be appreciated.  And yes, that even the hardships and hurts we experience have value.  So when I watched City of Angels last night, I didn't cry at the tragic part.  I got choked up over the pain experienced, but felt at peace knowing there was a bigger picture.

Of course like I always do with deep, meaningful movies (or shows or books), I tried to see how I could apply what I just learned to my own life.  Watching this beautiful movie helped me with the things I personally struggle with.  Specifically, my husband Mark's chronic illness(es).

I have been in pain over what Mark has had to go through, over almost losing him more than once.  That pain is valid and I own it.  BUT, my life is rich and full and beautiful.  I am honored to be a human being, to love Mark and be loved by him, to be Cami and AJ's mom, to be my mom and dad's daughter, to be a best be doing this thing called LIFE.  Sometimes it hurts and sometimes we don't understand.  But all we can do, all we are expected to do, is the best we can with what we've been given and to LIVE.

These are things I already knew, but it's good to be reminded.  This is not to say that we have to just accept and appreciate everything that's thrown at us automatically.  Life is still a process, a journey.  As humans we have feelings and emotions and must recognize, decipher and work through them in order to grow and learn.  As long as we can get back to the basic fact that life is good and valuable, we'll be alright.  The love and support of others, and perhaps a really good movie that lends some perspective, go a long way.  Throw some laughter in the mix, and you've got the recipe for a full and happy life.  Oh, and TIME.  Time heals all things.

"The magnitude of life is overwhelming. Angels are here to help us take it peace by peace."
~ Levende Waters

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  1. You have been through much. I think your friend is right about doing what is right for you.

    Stopping from Time Travel Tuesday!

  2. I have found that movie to be so uplifting. I also love the movie, "What Dreams May Come" for similar reasons. Very moving!