April 27, 2015

Life Will Go On Without Derek Shepherd

I rarely do this.

You know, when you see a really big event happen on one of your favorite shows and immediately need to sound off about it?

In fact, I don't think I've ever done that. Not here on my blog, anyway. And actually, considering I didn't even watch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy until two days after it aired, and I'm not writing this until two more days have passed, I don't think it qualifies as a knee-jerk reaction.

People are losing their damn minds over the death of McDreamy. They're saying things like:
  • That's it! I'll never watch this show again!
  • Meredith is a horrible, selfish and unfeeling person!
  • On the other hand, she never would have reacted that way!
  • It was terrible writing by Shonda Rhimes!
  • The show will never be the same because it was centered around MerDer's relationship.
  • and on and on...

While I'm over here shaking my head.

I'm sorry, I don't get the outrage.

First of all, TV shows that are on for as long as Grey's has been on will go through the loss of characters. Things will change. They have to because viewers are easily bored with the same ol' same ol'. Also, many actors get bored with portraying the same character.

Patrick Dempsey has been talking about maybe leaving Grey's for awhile now. Yes, he signed another two-year contract last year, but stuff happens.

Patrick himself said in an interview: "People come and go, story lines change. It’s like life, it’s constantly changing and evolving."

Furthermore, if you're a fan of a TV show, you should be a fan of the SHOW -- its story lines and feels -- not only of individual characters or the actors who portray them. Especially an ensemble cast such as Grey's has. This show is not about any one character, and if it were, it would be about Meredith Grey, considering the title of the show.

So I say, if you're a true fan of the show Grey's Anatomy, feel your feels about Derek's death, and then suck it up, buttercup.

Second, if you watched the two episodes previous to "How to Save a Life", you should have noticed some foreshadowing moments between Derek and Meredith, Derek and Amelia, Meredith and Amelia and even Meredith and Maggie.

I totally saw Derek's death looming. How could you not? Everything was too perfect for dark and twisty Mer upon Derek's return from DC. But what I think was most telling was the exchange between Meredith and Amelia where Amy goes off on Mer about never having gone through the sorts of pain Amy has.

I mean, hit me over the head with it, why don't you?

Third, I don't think Shonda Rhimes could write badly if she had a gun pointed at her head. The woman is on fire. Derek being fatally injured after helping others is exactly how he should have been written off the show. Mer and Der divorcing never would have been accepted by the masses. Derek's "it's a beautiful day to save a life" mantra in play was a fitting sendoff.

Lastly, anyone who has been watching -- I mean really watching -- Grey's Anatomy since the beginning ought to know the Meredith Grey character well. If you've really been paying attention, you should know that the way she handled her husband's death was quintessential Mer.

She is absolutely not the type to melt into a puddle on the floor. She would not have been blubbering and carrying on in that situation, at a different hospital and with complete strangers.

If you were just watching THIS episode closely, you can see that Meredith was doing everything in her power to hold it together. To deal. To get things taken care of. She is a doctor, a clinician and scientist. Of course her first inclination is to fall back on that. It is what gives Mer her strength.

How can the world not see that?

Maybe it's because I can relate that I don't think anyone should be vilifying Meredith's behavior as her husband was dying. Maybe it's because I know that everyone deals with trauma and grief differently that I am willing to give Mer a pass here. I completely understand why she would choose to choke back her emotions to the point that she's vomiting in the parking lot.

Freaking judgy-ass people! I really hope that these people who are tearing down a beloved television character don't do the same to those who go through something similar in real life.

And I hope Ellen Pompeo isn't taking it personally. You rock on, girlfriend!

Agree? Disagree? Let's gab!

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