December 2, 2014

What a Better-Than-My-House Would Have

Besides a few minor things, I am fairly content in the house we bought 4 1/2 years ago.

It has enough bedrooms and bathrooms for the four of us and is in a mostly safe, family-friendly neighborhood.

It's small, though. Compact, is the best word, I think. The homes in our neighborhood are on such small lots that they're actually zoned as condos (despite the fact that they are free-standing homes).

I don't personally care about being on a small lot with a tiny yard and close to my neighbors. I mean, I tried gardening and eventually decided it isn't my cup of tea, not to mention we came here from apartment living, so a HOUSE is a big deal.

I honestly love my little house.

All of that said......sure, I've thought of what a better house would be like.

My actual house.

1. No stairs. If we had known just six months before my husband's heart bypass surgery that was going to happen, not to mention his subsequent problems, we wouldn't have bought a two story home. Literally, we were house hunting in March, got the keys in early May and he had bypass in September.

2. A much bigger kitchen. Tiny kitchens are just stupid because people congregate where the food is!

3. A fourth bedroom. This extra room would contain a guest bed, our computer and my treadmill. Currently we have an area upstairs we call the loft where a convertible couch is, as well as the computer (where I'm sitting right now), but my treadmill will not also fit because of these two built-in cabinets. The cabinets are useful, but they take up space.

4. Larger master bed, bath and closet. Basically, I want a master suite.

5. Indoor laundry room. Two reasons: more garage space for our crap, and because it's cold in the winter.

6. A spiral staircase. I know I said no stairs, but I just love a spiral staircase. Maybe we could still have a little loft area or something.....I don't know!

7. A nice, landscaped yard. But not by me.

8. Big, covered porches. With porch swings!

9. Nice accents. Like, lighting fixtures, doorknobs and faucets. Also window treatments. I've never even done real "window treatments".

10. A mail slot in my front door. Sounds like a small thing, but I hate the mail. So maybe if it was deposited directly into my house, thereby not giving me a choice, I would be better about it.

Now, all of THAT said, I do still love my little house, if only because it is something we attained together, and it really does fill our need for a comfortable home for our family.

What about you? What have you always wanted in a house?

This has been a Tuesday Ten post.

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