November 17, 2014

5 Randomly Quirky Things

Who's up for some "5 random things" Old School Blogging?

Just telling you five random things about myself might sound easy, but I somehow have to choose which five things it will be (that you hopefully don't already know)....

Answering questions is easier, man!

1. Here's one my father just learned about me: Even though my toes are cold, I don't want to put something on my feet. I don't. I am not a fan of wearing anything on my feet in the house. It just bugs me. I think I want to feel the floor....or something.

Problem is, I'm getting older and my toes are getting colder. I am now understanding why old people move to warmer climates. Sigh. So yeah, I own a pair of slippers and several pairs of funky socks and I am begrudgingly wearing them around the house.

2. Similarly, I feel like long sleeves get in my way. I do not understand how anyone cooks or cleans in long sleeves. I have a hard time just eating without pushing long sleeves up. I don't want to be cold, so I do own and wear long sleeves, but not very often at home. I'm a fan of 3/4 sleeves, but they don't seem to be as easy to come by.

3. I've never, not once, played a game of Angry Birds or Candy Crush. I used to play some of the Facebook games, but I quit those too. We can probably blame blogging, because I already spend PLENTY of time on the computer!

4. I like to eat but I don't like to cook. To me, cooking is merely a means to an end....and something I have to clean up (that really puts a damper on it for me). It all just feels like one big chore. That said, I can cook, and every once in awhile I will get the urge to try something new. I'll hunt down a recipe and really cook. I did this just the other night with a pork roast. It involved apples and cooking slowly over a couple of hours, and it was delicious, even if my sauce didn't seem to thicken as much as Ree Drummond's did.

(Now I wish I had taken a picture!)

5. I have found that "Holiday" by Madonna (how's that for old school?), "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake, "Disturbia" by Rihanna and Lada Gaga's "Bad Romance" are good songs to hear when I'm walking. They all have great beats and motivate me to pick up the pace. There are others, but these stand out in my mind.

Tell me something quirky about you!
(And if you're a blogger, blog it, and link up.)

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