November 5, 2014

6 Best Instagrams of October

I have been doing these posts all of this year.

Once a month, the first Wednesday.

Except last month.

I did not share my Best Instagrams of September...
because I really didn't share very many that month.

My husband spent nine days in the hospital.
That's my excuse.

I did share the very best ONE on my Facebook page, however.

October was a bit better in the picture-taking department, so I give you:

Instagram Hearts: October

One morning my daughter discovered Julius lying like this
on the top of the couch. She took this pic, I Instagrammed it!

Another day I saw Julius lying like this.
He looks like he's bracing for something.

You guys really like my cat. He always gets the most hearts!

Just a perfectly lovely leaf in the street.

Was out for a walk and thought the clouds looked especially interesting.
They were doing several different things.

I darkened my hair back to brown for the first time since
being preggers with my son nine year ago.
This isn't a very good picture, but I guess people approve of the change.

My niece requested that her grandmother (my MIL),
who just moved up here, send her lots of pictures of the
fall colors because she is deprived of such beauty living in SoCal.
This is one of the pics MIL asked me to take real quick
one day while we were out.

Niece is looking forward to starting college at UW next year,
so she will get to see the colors first-hand then!

If you're not already following me on Instagram, my username is jenannhall.
(Which is the same on Twitter, Pinterest, Ello, Tsu and
it's the end of my Facebook fanpage URL, FYI.)

So, which one is YOUR favorite?

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