September 15, 2014

Admitted to the Hospital

It may seem silly for me to think about blogging when my husband has just been admitted to the hospital to treat an infection....

The thing is, he and that are a huge reason why I blog. It is my desire to blog my way through the craziness that is Mark's chronic illnesses. For me/us and for others. It's our story, our journey.

So I will keep writing.

But I'm not all there at the moment. I'm not even at my home computer. I'm doing this at the hospital, on my phone.

Overnight Mark was dialyzed and received IV antibiotics. He is super tired and uncomfortable.

I didn't sleep well at all last night, so I'm tired too. But I showered and got my kids off to school....

Doctors are talking about going ahead with the next procedures that were planned for tomorrow today, but we haven't actually SEEN him/them yet.

So what Mark needs done now is an angiogram of his right leg to see about improving blood flow to his foot because he has a nasty sore on his right heel. Yes, now his RIGHT foot is jeopardized.

Mark also needs a new dialysis fistula in his right arm, probably near his wrist.

This has been the way things are going, one problem after another after another after another. I keep hoping it will let up, that this isn't our new normal....

Fucking Diabetes.

It's like things just snowball. Are we stuck in a vicious cycle? Can we stop it?

Still managing to muster up hope....

Update: Got word that they will go ahead and wait until tomorrow to do the previously planned procedures.

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