August 3, 2014

5 Random Either/Or Questions

I recently noticed that I haven't joined any new blog hops in awhile. A pretty big part of blogging is connecting and getting to know other bloggers.

In this, I have slacked. Shame on me.

Imma totally play the "my husband had all these surgeries and I was mainly concentrating on just writing decent posts for y'all and staying consistent in at least that" card.

In an attempt to put myself out there more, earlier this week I wrote a post for the "Tuesday Ten" link-up. And today, this post is spurred by someone who's been in my face quite a bit lately (I see her all over Facebook, Twitter and my Bloglovin' emails): Neely of A Complete Waste of Makeup.

Neely and another blogger, Ashley of Ashley Lately, host a hop called "Sunday Social". All you do is answer a few questions (old school blogging style), link up and get to know some people.

I can't tell you how much I LOVE an EASY hop! Bloggers who ask you to jump through a whole bunch of hoops to participate make me crazy.

Now get this, the week I decide to play along, their questions are either/or, which is something I have been doing every weekday on my Facebook page.

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it: blogging is so serendipitous!

Thing is.....either/or questions are HARD. I can't promise my answers will be very good.
  1. Gum or mints? Mints, I think. Gum chewing can be obnoxious.
  2. Tea or Coffee? COFFEE. Always coffee first, but sometimes tea.
  3. Fruits or Veggies? Fruits. But I do like veggies too.
  4. TV or Movies? I love movies, but I'm gonna say TV because TV shows last longer than movies.
  5. Candles or Diffusers? I'm not even sure what a diffuser is, so candles.
One more thing I'd like to share, which seems appropriate for "Social Sunday", is that an IRL friend of mine has started a brand new blog and I'm sort of "mentoring" her as she gets going.

She is Cresta and her blog is called Paleo Homestead. Cresta is all about getting back to basics when it comes to diet and sustainability. She wrote a nice little intro post, and you can check out her About Us page when you get there!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Social

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