July 2, 2014

5 Best Instagrams of June

When I put together my May Instagrams post I asserted that months with 31 days are too long.

So then June pretty much screamed by!

That'll learn me.

Time for:

Instagram Hearts: June

These are the pictures YOU guys "hearted" (liked) the most last month.

I wanted to point that out because a couple are kind of funny....

So, technically, I took this one on May 31st.
But I think it must have gotten some late likes because it wasn't included in last month's post.
I took it at exactly 8:59 PM, which was sunset that day, for the Photo-a-Day prompt, "sunset".
It's super pretty and you're glad I included it, right?

This is a sand dollar my son found when he went to Seaside, OR with his friend.
I shared it for the Photo-a-Day prompt "joy" because AJ was so happy he got to go!

I took this one while at Michael's with a friend.
It's true, of course, but I had no idea so many people would agree.
Buncha winos!

This one got the most hearts!
I'm pretty proud of it, although I have to give some credit to a new app I'm using.
I took this for the Photo-a-Day prompt, "pastel".

Found this quote somewhere and shared it.
I don't even think everyone who liked it was 40 or over, which is kind of cool!

Instagram is so fun because you never know which pictures you share will resonate with people....

I always have such a hard time ending these posts because I'm just sharing some photos.
That's it. That's all there is. We're done now.

Uh. Yeah.

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