March 11, 2014

10 Things I Learned on a Cruise

So.....I was going to try to write up a complete recap of the cruise I got to take with my BFF, but....I still had so many pictures to go through and fiddle with, not to mention actual real life stuff to take care of, so I just couldn't get it together yesterday.


On the last night of the cruise, while drinking and singing with Marty in the piano bar, I wrote, on little sheets of paper with a short pencil, a list of....

What I Learned When I Took a Cruise

1. Wearing a dress is actually kind of nice - I must admit, I was comfortable, and now I think I should start looking at dresses more when I'm shopping, rather than dismissing them altogether.

2. Putting on make-up and playing with my hair is fun, not dumb - I totally complained about having to get dressed up one night, but I ended up enjoying it.

3. Being friendly with complete strangers isn't that hard - just say "Hi" and smile!

4. Piano bars are cool - it was so much fun!

5. Being cut off from communication is totally OK - like, so OK, that I braced myself for being reconnected.

6. Maybe I should indeed carry bloggy business cards - a couple of our dinner table mates noticed JHo and I taking pictures of our food and said something like, "what, are you going to blog about this?", and we were all, "yes, actually!", and then they were intrigued and asked all kinds of questions and wanted to know where to find us and stuff.

7. Visiting Mexico is not scary, and actually quite nice - we weren't accosted or mugged or offered drugs or anything like that. I think they LIKE when tourists come and spend their money. Go figure.

8. JHo can name that tune like a mad woman - we're talking at the piano bar and elsewhere, regular songs and TV theme songs. Learned something new about my friend!

9. It might be the motion of the ocean AND the size of the boat that matters - when it comes to motion sickness, that is. Yeah, JHo go a bit green around the gills, poor thing. And, I didn't think a three day cruise would mean I would still be feeling the effects throughout the following day after leaving. Dizzy, off balance spells galore.

10. If everything could run as efficiently as a cruise ship, life would be so much less frustrating - Seriously, they know what the heck they're doing and they do it well.

OK, I am going to write more about all of this. I hope you want to hear it!

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