January 14, 2014

Years of Friendship

26 years of friendship.

Well, to be completely honest, there was one year that we didn't speak (because of a stupid boy), so maybe we can only claim 25 years of friendship.

But not just 25. Technically, we met in 7th grade (1986), but remained mostly acquantances until 9th grade (1988).

Regardless, I've known her for more than half my life. She is the closest thing I have to a sister.

My best friend shares my name, where we graduated high school, divorced and remarried parents, sticky family dynamics, weddings, babies, long distances and now even blogging.

She calls me Jenni and I now refer to her as JHo. "Jenni" is left over from high school when I let everyone call me that, and "JHo" (since she married Joe) is a play on JLo. Also extra funny because "Ho".


Over the years we have danced at prom and each other's weddings. JHo is partially responsible for Mark and I finally getting engaged (nudge, nudge) and she was instrumental in planning my wedding. We are both mothers to one girl and one boy. She is Godmother to both my kids, and I am an honorary Godmom to her son. She is ten times better at the Godmother thing than I am. She is "Auntie Jen" to my kids.

JHo says some of her favorite memories include:
  • Number one would have to be the notes we passed daily! I guess I can think about the days since high school…
  • Or maybe the day you called me to tell me you had just given birth to a baby girl : “I am woman – hear me roar!”
  • Hearing your giggle as I toasted your marriage at your wedding (a la Princess Bride).
  • Oh! Your bridal shower!
I too loved our note passing, especially because JHo drew these awesome little comic strips illustrating what we were dishing about at the bottom. I absolutely LOVED her "wild, wild west" themed wedding and was beyond honored to be her MOH and Camryn a flower girl.

She HANDMADE all the dresses!

My most recent favorite memory was when we hooked up while I was visiting my mom in Lake Tahoe. Loved that our kids got to play together!

Most of our relationship has been a long-distance one, so we do each have our local besties too, but she has proven to be one of the Constants in my life. Distance be damned!

This year, as we both turn 40, we are looking forward to commemorating this milestone together on a little cruise between LA and Ensenada in early March. I've never ever been on a cruise before, so I'm so EXCITED!

(Maybe you've noticed the PayPal "Donate" button I put up there in my sidebar? You know, just on the off-chance someone would like to help me finance a massage, mani-pedi or a drunken stuper on the ship....)

It's going to be wonderful. We will get to warm up from winter, see the beautiful Pacific ocean, be gluttonous, talk and play and just be us girls TOGETHER. I almost don't even know what to do with myself.

This is so huge because for years I hesitated in traveling away from Mark for fear that something bad might happen with his health without me here. Little by little -- crisis by crisis -- I have been learning to let go of that. Taking this trip with JHo is part of my year of living Bravely. I knew I wanted to do this years ago, but I wasn't sure if it would really happen. At least if I would actually leave home;  maybe she would just come see me here.

I am nervous, still. I will probably have to battle my anxiety a few times as the date approaches. JHo will need to be armed with plenty of reassurances that everything will be OK and I CAN let myself have this. let myself RELAX.

But I know it's going to be great! And I love her so much for gently pushing the issue.

Now, just get me to March 5th.....

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