March 4, 2013


I try not to be too prideful. In the deadly sin sense. I try very hard (even if not always successful) not to let my pride get in the way of maintaining healthy relationships.

There are many things I am not proud of. Like how much I like sweets and move theater popcorn, or my insecurities. But I am proud of some things.

10 Things I Am Proud Of

1. How well I took care of myself while pregnant

2. Breastfeeding - no judgments here; just saying I did it and I'm proud of it because it really does take some personal sacrifice.

3. My marriage - there are few things I know fur sure in life, but that Mark and I are solid and forever is one thing I do know.

4. Being affectionate - I'm a hugger, cuddler and an I love you sayer. Those things are hard for some people.

5. Learning as I go - there are life lessons everywhere if you just stop and take notice.

6. Blogging - my third baby. It has opened up a whole new world for me. Trying to be proud enough to not feel funny about telling people I'm a blogger.

7. How I'm taking care of myself now - exercise and seeing a counselor and an eye doctor are HUGE.

8. Learning to make things with yarn.

9. My gut instincts - which seems to be something you can learn. Or learn to listen to.

10. Finishing a novel for the first time in a year and half!

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