January 21, 2013


Today is my son AJ's 7th birthday!

He was born at 4:01 PM after I was induced early that morning. It was just 2 days after his due date, but my doctor chose to induce me for several reasons, including Gestational Diabetes and being Group B Strep positive. I had back labor that felt like my low back was being ripped apart. I was stuck at 4 cm until I finally decided to get an epidural. Relief from the pain relaxed my cervix, it opened right up, and less than an hour later our baby boy entered the world.

He gave us quite a fright at first, being slow to catch his breath. When he did, his little cries were so soft and sweet. It felt like forever before I got to hold him. But the moment he was placed into my arms I knew our family was complete.

Today AJ is pretty much the life of our home. He is happy and energetic and so funny! He makes me laugh daily. He can also be a bit self-absorbed and have anger issues. But for the most part, he is bright and curious and quick-witted and I am very proud of him. Oh, and just so cute!

Goofy smile because he was self-conscious
about lost teeth.

Seven Reasons Having a 7 Year Old is Awesome

1. First grade - it's all day, they learn SO MUCH and AJ seems to really be enjoying it.

2. I don't have to go out to the bus stop anymore.

3. Learning to get some of his own food - although he really doesn't want to.

4. He has developed a great sense of humor.

5. No longer have to have several kinds of snacks handy.

6. He can play games grown-ups like.

7. Has made lots of neighborhood friends whom he plays with A LOT.

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  1. He is such a handsome boy. Happy Birthday AJ! he will be making you breakfast and coffee in no time ;)