November 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Husband!

My Dearest Mark,

Here is your birthday card from me. Of course I would publish it on my blog!
I mean, it is NaBloPoMo and all....

Forty-four years! My god, we're getting old. But YAY, we're getting old! Because, you know, earlier this year, we weren't so sure you'd see this birthday, right?

Wait. Let me rephrase that. YOU'RE getting old. Not me. Just so we're clear.

Excellent job getting here, my dear!

You know, some might call you an overachiever, what with all these miracles you seem to keep pulling out of your ass pocket.

We also call you the boy who cried wolf. My cousin says you're a big faker.
You know, just to keep you in line.

You really don't need to keep having near death experiences to get our attention!

I'm serious. Stop it.

Mark, I love you so much it....I's indefinable. I love you to the moon and back.
I love you HARD.

You are a part of me, the love of my life. You make me happy and worried. You make me laugh and you piss me off. And I love every minute of it.

I hope you have an awesome birthday during which you feel loved and have fun. Enjoy your new gaming chair and dinner out tonight. Don't worry about that thing you accidentally shoplifted from Walmart yesterday. We'll just call it their gift to you!

It's your birthday, now you're brand new
So Happy Birthday to you!

All my love,

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