September 11, 2012

Politics Aside....

The following is from President Obama's live address to the nation after Osama bin Laden was killed:

Today, amidst the rancor of our current political climate, I wanted to stop to remember 9/11. We call it Patriot Day now. Somehow that seems too nice of a name for such a terrible day, although I get the sentiment.

Thinking about the loss of that day still feels like a sucker punch to the gut. I hope that feeling never dulls. I do not want to be desensitized.

Because this....

photo source
Will never be OK.

Believe me, I have my pretty strong political opinions, and I'm having a hard time not getting caught up in the Presidential campaign. I may write more about that on a later date. But I feel fairly confident that loved ones and survivors of 9/11 don't give a damn about politics today.

So I'm here to say, to reiterate, that I'll....Never Forget.


  1. Very well said, thanks for the reminder!

  2. That picture gives me chills. I remember that day so well. And I remember, too, the feeling that no matter where you stood on the political spectrum, we came together as Americans. We were united. Imagine how much more we could accomplish as a nation if we also worked together. Good post, Jen.