December 2, 2011

TGIF: Good Bloggy Week Edition

Welcome to....

Go HERE to read all about how this came to be.  Basically, it's about ending your week on a positive note!
To participate
1. Write a post about something good that happened this week (or if you don't blog, tell me by leaving a comment). It can be anything. Just keep it positive!
2. Grab the #TGIF button and include it somewhere in your post.
3. Come back here and link up.  Linky is open all weekend (even when I publish a new post).
4. Visit other linkers, leave comments and consider giving them a follow (it would be nice if you followed me, but no pressure).
5. Share posts on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc, if you are so inclined!
6. TGIF is open to guest posting!  In fact, I'd like to have someone else here every other week.  If you want, instead of just linking your post to mine, you can write the post instead of me.  Just let me know by Thursday of the week that you want to do it, and I will happily step aside and let you take the floor!  Be warned, if no one volunteers, I might put you on the spot and you will feel obligated to do it because you love me!

* * * * *

I am feeling pretty Terrific and Great about my Bloggy self this week!

First, it felt so good to boast about my bestie Jessica and her handmade origami flower Etsy shop, MyBelovedAdoria.  And I feel really good about hosting her very first giveaway for super cute Holiday ornaments (through next Tuesday).  It just feels fabulous to support my friend in this way.  I love hearing you all ooh and aah over her stuff!

I have been participating in a very friendly weekly link up called Lovelinks for a few weeks now.  It's pretty much exactly what its title says: giving some links some love!  Erica at freefringes  (why does she call her blog that?) runs it and it's a pretty genius little thing.  Every Tuesday bloggers choose their favorite post from the last week, link it at, the bloggers who linked read each other's posts and then on Thursday we all vote for the 3 we liked the best.  On Thursday night, Erica announces the winners.  Yes, winners.  Because there is obviously the popular vote, but there's also an editor's choice and the newly instituted lurker's favorite.

Guess who's a winner this week?  That's right, ME!  Our lurker gave me a nod for my Bloggy Wisdom post.  I also have the satisfaction of knowing it gave Erica some warm fuzzies, although she'll probably deny it.


In case you hadn't heard, I survived NaBloPoMo 2011.  But not without a little good-natured bitterness.

Also, I had another post go up over at Band Back Together yesterday and I received some pretty nice, caring and supportive comments on it.  The Band is great!

This just in: more WINNING! As I was putting this post together, Amy the Coffee Lovin Mom just told me I won her "coffee whore" mug giveaway!  Finally, my love of coffee is validated.

Did I not say I've had a good bloggy week?  Sigh.

Now for your Friday funny...

Tell me, what Terrific, Great or Important-ness happened in your world this week?

Let's BEE Friends

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