December 30, 2011

TGIF: December's Best Edition

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Go HERE to read all about how this came to be.  Basically, it's about ending your week on a positive note!
To participate
1. Write a post about something good that happened this week (or if you don't blog, tell me by leaving a comment). It can be anything. Just keep it positive!
2. Grab the #TGIF button and include it somewhere in your post.
3. Come back here and link up.  Linky is open all weekend (even when I publish a new post).
4. Visit other linkers, leave comments and consider giving them a follow (it would be nice if you followed me, but no pressure).
5. Share posts on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc, if you are so inclined!
6. TGIF is open to guest posting!  In fact, I'd like to have someone else here every other week.  If you want, instead of just linking your post to mine, you can write the post instead of me.  Just let me know by Thursday of the week that you want to do it, and I will happily step aside and let you take the floor!  Be warned, if no one volunteers, I might put you on the spot and you will feel obligated to do it because you love me!
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For your New Year's weekend reading pleasure I present to you the blog posts I have squirreled away all month long to be shared for Best of the Blogosphere with Sue at Cookie's Chronicles.

Even though Sue isn't actually doing it this month.  Something about the Holidays or some such thing.

Never mind.  It wouldn't be right to let these posts go to waste, so I am doing it anyway!

Wanna Hang Out? by Dee at Motherhood Truth - she threw a little party inspired by me!

You know what, I Am a Pretty Damn Good Mom by Jenn at Fox in the City - I was very proud of her for giving herself a big pat on the back after everything she's been through dealing with PPD.

Remembering the Magic by Tonya of Letters for Lucas, published at The SITS Girls - this simply touched me.  Read it and it will touch you too.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. by Julie at mamamash - A perfect synopsis of life as a SAHM.

It's Official. I'm a Hooker. by The Sarcasm Goddess at For the Love of Writing - hilariously (and clumsily) showing off her Christmas spirit!

More Than Enough by Kristin of What She Said, published at Just.Be.Enough - because of the journey.

Momwich embraces Christmas....maybe. by Brandy at Momwich - she reminds us that we have a finite number of Christmases with our children AS children, and that is a really good thing to think about.

My Naughty Little Elf, Frank! by "someone" at Mommy2Cents - this is just really creative and funny, and kind of wrong and disturbing too.

The Ubiquitous Year in Review Post by XLMIC at Taking It On - just for the pictures and also for the last line.  Because that's pretty much what matters.

Until It’s Happened to Someone You Love, It’s Best to Keep Your Effing Mouth Shut by Laura at Catharsis - because she's absolutely right and wrote with such passion that I wanted to stand up and cheer when I was done reading!

Parker by Lori at The Lyons' Din - because after the frustrations we experienced right before Christmas, reading this put it into better perspective.  Warning: you might cry.  I did.

Lastly, I would like to share that a post I wrote back in June, before most of you started getting to know me, was featured as "Blogmas Worthy" by Fadra of all.things.fadra!
Blogmas Worthy
Click to see the other posts featured!

As this year winds down, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who read me, comment, tweet my posts and are so supportive of my blogging.  Besides you guys, there's my mom who is pretty much my cyber stalker.  There is my dad who has begun bragging about my blog to anyone who will listen.  My best friends, J.Ho and Jess who read everything I write, plus interact with me IRL so they know like EVERYTHING there is to know about me (and love me anyway).  My friend Carin is super supportive without actually being a reader, which seems odd, but if you knew her you'd understand.  And then there's Mark, who hasn't sat here and read a thing I've written, but he swears he will, who lets me devote all the time I want to this because he is the sort of husband who encourages his wife to do whatever will make her happy.

Thanks Graphic #106

Happy New Year!

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