November 22, 2011


Hopefully you recall that back on November 13 The Sarcasm Goddess published a guest post from me in which I used the words vagina, bacon and legwarmers, per her request.

If you don't recall, you can read it HERE.

But the topic of this post is what transpired in among the resulting blog comments and tweets.

I said in my guest post that I didn't understand why legwarmers were making a fashion comeback.  To which SG replied:

I asked:

Does she actually think I would lie?  I accepted the challenge!

One person was not a fan:

And another was simply confused:

OK.  See how @chicktuition mentioned colors?  This was my next question.

I tweeted SG, asking what color she thought the legwarmers should be.  She said pink and purple and tried to convince me she had held a twitter poll and that's what everyone decided.  We argued back and forth a bit, and then this:

Finally, SG stopped being ornery:

PUNK and purple?  That sounds fun!

Yesterday was the first opportunity I had to get to the craft store for yarn.  I went with Jessica who likes to say things to me on Twitter like:

I tweeted SG that I was on the job!

And this is what I bought!  Can you believe it?  There's pink, purple AND green there.  Am I good, or what?
By the way, Jessica wants it noted for the record that she would not make me use such obnoxious colors.  She's just sayin'.

This has been your first installment of the "Saga of the Legwarmers".  Stay tuned for the next update.

Oh, and if you'd like to witness every detail, go make sure you're following all the ladies mentioned herein...forthwith!


  1. I can already see that these will be the prettiest legwarmers ever...if there is such a thing.

    Maybe if you make Handflapper some too, she will come to see the beauty in them. Plus, her legs will be warm.

  2. When and if those legwarmers spawn a twin, I'll be first in line!!

  3. I suddenly have the urge to make some leg warmers!!!!

    I think we would all be a lot happier if our legs were toasty warm.

    Like I always say, "warm legs, warm heart."

    Ok, I don't always say that, in fact, I don't believe I have ever said that before, but you get the point.

    Leg warmers rock!

  4. I see you've taken a lesson from me in how to make a post out of tweets. ;)

    I'll be looking forward to the continuation of the saga.

  5. That was probably the most interesting conversation about knitting that I ever or will ever have seen.

  6. Argh!!!! I left a comment and now it's gone. I need to take a few moments to scream and throw things and I'll be back.

  7. I don't see handflapper ever wearing those. They don't say "fuck" on them anywhere.

    I shall begin following your adventures as bidden.

  8. Jim's right, although the shock potential is still high, so. . . Who knows? And I happen to think those colors are divine. Very preppy, even if leg warmers are probably the least preppy item of apparel I can think of.

  9. Where am I while all these shenanigans are going on??

  10. This is my first visit to your blog from Twinisms (love that blog)- and I see how woefully behind in Twitter I am. But, after seeing how many new tasks you added to your list from your tweets, I may be glad for that! haha! You KNITTED leg warmers? I can't even get my laundry done. :)

  11. You guys are hysterical! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the leg warmer challenge!

  12. How did I totally miss this? Even the twitter convos! So where are you at on all this? Now I feel like I do when it comes to my favorite weekly TV show (Dexter) where I'm so anxiously anticipating the next episode I could poop my pants!

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