November 28, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

This week for Listicles our esteemed hostess bid us:
"Come and share ten of your favorite photos. They can be of you or perfect strangers, taken by you, pinned by you, seen by you, old or new. List of 10 photos. Easy peasy."
Thank you, Stasha, for giving me the opportunity to make a Christmas wish list!  :-D

I have no expectations of actually receiving any of this stuff because a) I haven't told anyone before doing this post that these are things I want, and b) money is so tight!  Therefor, it is strictly a WISH list.
Anyone know a genie?

In no particular order...

A larger dining table.  I only want the table because the chairs are fine and they are color coordinated with my kitchen/dining motif.  But, I would take the chairs above because they're red!

A tablet of some kind.  They're super cool and I don't like laptops because I can't get the screen close enough to my face without wrenching my neck!

Landscaping for my little front and back yards, including a small veggie and herb garden.

Gold box chain necklace. Mark bought me one on our honeymoon, but it has broken (grabby babies) and been repaired one too many times and is just broken now.

My second tattoo.
The word Thankful, much like the image above, with the u in the shape of a tulip. Several meanings.

New eyeglasses because the ones I have are like 10 years old.  Yes, really.

An Ab Circle because I've had "jelly belly" ever since AJ was born.

A new fridge with the freezer on the BOTTOM!

Slip-on sneakers.  This is one of those things I never buy myself because when we go to the shoe store it's because my kids need shoes.  I don't NEED them; I only want them.

A ladies electric shaver.
Because I often don't feel the need to take all the time and effort to do a super close shave in the shower, but I don't want my leg hair getting out-of-control long.

These are seriously things I want.  Absolutely no jokes here.
So don't laugh!

I'm a big dork and have apparently done my wish list a week early.
Don't mind me!
Announcement: Speaking of the Holidays, tomorrow I am hosting a GIVEAWAY of a super cool HANDMADE Holiday item.  So be sure to come back and enter!

Be honest, if you could ask for anything for the Holidays this year, what would it be?

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