July 22, 2011

The Simple Things

The simple things all around us make up the best parts of our lives. We take them in with our five senses and they become a part of us. Our favorite and our best parts.

The things I SEE….my kids’ cute little faces, sunsets, colorful flowers, my friend’s smile, my cat curled up sleeping, my husband’s freshly shaved face, photos, blue sky and my little house.

The things I HEAR….laughter, music, the patter of little feet, my cat’s purring, the light click-clack of my knitting needles, the nearby barn owls, little frogs and crickets, the tick-tock of the clock and raindrops.

The things I SMELL….roses, the tops of my kids’ and husband’s heads, cooking food, vanilla scented anything, coffee beans, the scent outside when it rains after having been dry for awhile (rare) and clean laundry.

The things I TASTE….coffee, cheese, avocado, creamy things, apple pie, sourdough, caramel, wine, watermelon, tortilla chips, steak, scallops, garlic, honey, tomatoes, sweet red peppers, Coca-cola, chocolate and tears.

The things I TOUCH….soft, squishy yarn, my kids’ little hands in mine, a baby’s cheek, my cat’s fur, the smooth touch screen on my smartphone, soothing lotion and the back of my husband’s neck.

All of the above make me happy. Yet they’re so simple. I think a perfect day would include coffee, blue sky, clean laundry (because then I’m not doing it), a sandwich on sourdough bread with cheese, tomato and avocado, taking a walk holding hands, knitting, a pretty sunset and a glass of wine.

That’s my idea of enjoying the simple things. What’s yours?


  1. Great way to separate out all the simple things. They do make the days better.

  2. I always love freshly-shampooed heads as we cuddle before bedtime!