July 28, 2011

"Hey, Boss!"

“What’s up, Boss?”

“How’s it goin’, Boss?”

“Thanks a lot, Boss!”

These are phrases my husband uses a lot.

He works for Home Depot giving excellent customer service to wayward DIYers. His department is Hardware. He is absolutely cut from the retail sales cloth.

Mark uses “Boss” as a pronoun both with his regular customers and often with friends as well. I think with his customers it is a safe option in cases where he can’t remember their names. With his friends, it is a term of endearment.

My husband is a serious people person. He makes friends wherever he goes. He is unafraid and un-intimidated by butting in on other’s conversations or making small talk with strangers. He is the life of a party, will talk your ear off and then offer to get you a refreshment if you don’t have one.

Now I’m not saying he always likes everyone he meets. Rather, he is friendly with everyone he meets. He may make a character assessment later, but he gives everyone the benefit of the doubt upfront.  I'm all about assuming the best about people, I just don't assume they want to talk to me.

I both admire and dislike this about Mark. It’s about 90% admire with 10% dislike. See, I am the complete OPPOSITE in nature. So I am in awe of this quality in him, but it can also make me feel really uncomfortable.

Early in our relationship I would dread going to social gatherings with him. I would talk to him about it first, asking him to please not abandon me. He understood that it was harder for me and he really tried. Even so, he would eventually wander off in some conversation with someone and I was left to fend for myself.

This has been a good thing for me though. I have learned that people aren’t as scary as I fear. Socializing really doesn’t warrant heart palpitations and a strong desire to curl up in the fetal position.

(If anyone reading has a very real social anxiety disorder, I am not speaking about you. I am only referring to my own silly insecurities.)

Honestly, just being Mark’s girlfriend/wife makes it 10 times easier to find things to talk about and socialize. There are so many stories, experiences and just plain unique things about him, and since I’m guilty by association, about me as well.

Beyond my connection with a very interesting and social being, I have learned a thing a two on my own. Age and maturity have lent new perspectives on people. I now know that each and every one of us is just a human person on the planet trying to make our way along our individual paths. Each person I meet might have the same fears I do, or some other ones. They might be hoping I’ll like them, just as much as I hope they like me. Everybody’s got STUFF they’re carrying around.

We should all try to be as friendly as Mark is.

“See ya later, Boss!”

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  1. I think it's important to be nice to people. It's why I like that show Undercover Boss. The employees could trash talk about the company, the employees, the customers; they don't know they're talking to the boss or owner. You find out how genuine people are. Aside from that, it's just a good feeling to not be unnecessarily rude. I will admit to not always being sweet as pie. But. I check myself fast. B/c the person I was just unkind to may have had the day or week or month from hell, yet he/she isn't taking it out on me.

  2. This sounds JUST like me and my husband!

  3. Your husband sounds like mine. He never meets a stranger! You're right; it's good and bad.

    I <3 the term "boss," btw. I've been trying to get my husband to call me that for years.

  4. Your husband sounds like a really nice guy. It's nice that his outgoing nature has helped you feel more comfortable too.
    Visiting from Mama Kat's. :)

  5. Your husband sounds like such a great guy. I used to be just like you once were. I used to clam up in social situations and was fearful and insecure about talking to strangers because I assumed it'd be a waste of time. I've learned, however, and just like you, that opening up to strangers actually is good for me. It forces me to see myself in others and make connections that are natural and important for me to learn more about myself and the world I live in.

  6. You are absolutely right! Those were very wise words. In our relationship, I'm definitely the social butterfly and my husband is not. I think we have become more like the other over time, but basically are the same. We just accept that we are different and make life the best we can!

  7. I used to be fairly social, but have lost that a little since having kids. I definitely have some insecurities.

    It's sounds like your husband is a great fit for you. I think it's good to get out of your comfort zone a little. At least it's good for everyone else, but me. :)