June 22, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out: June Milestone #3

My little girl graduated 5th grade last night!!

Holy middle schooler, Batman!

I am proud of her.  And I am happy for her, even if it kills me.  Why does your kid growing up have to be so hard?

Sometimes when I look at Cami I still see her little toddler self with her precious little "top knot" in her hair.  And I think, why aren't you that sweet little thing anymore?  How is it that you're already almost 11, out of elementary school, heading into puberty, have "Bieber fever".... HOW??

While Camryn is on her childhood journey, I am on my motherhood journey.  The two are opposing forces, it seems.  She wants to grow up, have things like a cell phone and a Facebook page.  But I don't want that.  It's too soon.  She's not old enough....yet....dammit!

God, I love this girl!  She is my daughter, even if only a little bit because she takes so much more after her father.  I see the pieces of me she does have though.  Like my hair, eye and skin coloring, her shyness and struggle with confidence and her good spelling. :-)

(Ah!  She is interrupting me so much while I'm trying to write this!  LOL)

All I know is it is going so fast!  Even from my perspective as a SAHM who doesn't miss anything.  I wonder if it feels like it's going by even faster for working moms....

Now, as I did for AJ's Pre-K graduation, here are a few pics to commemorate Cami's 5th grade year:

First day of 5th grade

School photo

Valentine's Day

Portrait done to commemorate Cami @ age 10 & AJ @ age 5

Lost tooth!
Celebratory ice cream after graduation!

By the way, I know my children are 5 1/2 years apart, which is a pretty good gap.  But now having to say that one is in middle school and one is a kindergartner, makes it feel like an even bigger gap.  Jeez!


  1. What a big milestone! It feels like time goes so quickly with our kids.

  2. Yeah, and now my little boy has his first loose tooth!