Dance Partners

I met my late husband Mark (passed away May 12, 2016) because he was visually impaired too, but after receiving a kidney & pancreas transplant, he had cataract surgery and got back good vision in one eye. Why did he get a transplant, you ask? Because he was a Type 1 Diabetic and it killed his kidneys. However, the organs lasted only 6 years so he was a Type 1 Diabetic and on dialysis for 14 more years. I went through A LOT with Mark in our 22 years together, and no matter whatever else I write about, his chronic health problems and death, and the effects on myself and our children, are always in the background. Always. Mark was my best friend, life partner, and mate to my soul.

My daughter Camryn is 16 and in 11th grade, and I'm pretty much beside myself about it.  She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was around 6.  She's mostly inattentive and impulsive, but she is maturing and that helps (she is not currently medicated).  My motto for her is "slowly but surely".  She is pretty, having gotten the best features from her dad and I.  She is a good big sister (even if she "hates" her brother) and a big anime fan.

Camryn is a sweetheart....deep down.

My son AJ is 11 and in 5th grade. He is a tough guy with a very soft side. He is adorable! He likes Nerf guns and video games and peanut butter and anything funny. He does well in school.


I have a mom and step-dad, a dad, a couple grandmas, in-laws and friends... a bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins....  Oh and my cats, Sir Julius the Orange and Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

These are the people I love.